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About Cookies

A cookie cookie is a text file that a Web site can request to save the website visitor's computer. Cookies are often used to give visitors access to various functions or services on the site. The information in the data file makes it possible to satisfy the visitor's choice of the site.

Cookies on this website

This site uses cookies to store selected pieces of information such as logins and pre input sections. We do not store any personal information about you. Our use of cookies has no other purpose than to facilitate for visitors and are automatically deleted at regular intervals.

Our partners for such ads, and statistics also uses cookies to personalize content and ads to users, providing features for social media and analyze our traffic. We will forward information about your use of our website to social media and advertising and research companies that we work with.

You can of course continue to take part of this website without accepting that we save cookies for your visit. Note however that this can strongly affect and limit the experience and capabilities of the site.

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