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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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Weekend Horoscope, Friday to Sunday, week 52 - 2011

Friday is affected by the imaginative Pisces moon that draws you away from the boring reality and into the realm of dreams. In a creative combination of Pisces moon is also Mercury, which makes that you can easily be tricked into "adjust " certain facts so they better fit your needs. An impatient March further more accelerates things, and when even an eccentric Mercury - Uranus meddling in the game, your imagination knows no borders. You literally bubbles with unconventional ideas and there is a risk that you take some radical actions today that in the future may not be as thoughtful or practical in the long run.

On Saturday, New Year's Eve the moon enters into Aries energetic sign and remains there throughout the New Year's Day. Aries energy is a real rocket that will sweep over you with stormy daring and initiative. It looks, in other words not to be a boring New Year's Eve that is one thing certain. Just before midnight, the Aries moon form a challenging square to Stenbock sun which can create some excitement and a tug of war between two powerful energies. Aries Moon attracts you to be rebellious and break old traditions while Capricorn Sun would rather get you to play safe, to protect the loved ones around you and think about what you may be at risk.

But hang in there, you must not take any decisions right now and do not give up your new self, although it may be difficult to balance the energies . New Year's Day, Saturday mornings will be influenced with beautiful energy from the love planet Venus, which creates a romantic gloss and smoothness in all forms of socializing. Later that evening, blowing fresh energy in with inspiration and opportunity for change and refinement of the new you when Aries Moon makes a nice angle to communications planet Mercury. Happy New Year and welcome to 2012!

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