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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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From 23/7 to 22/8.

LeoThe Leo is really the sun signs and they are playful, happy and loves to be at the center. Leo is very creative, dramatic and does everything in style. Extravagance and luxury are the lion's melody. The lion has high ideals, a strong personality and has a natural talent to lead. Leo's self-confidence is huge and they tend to sometimes get quite self-centered on the verge of megalomania. They are very fond of flattery and is pretty futile.

Leo is very adept at managing and organizing, but someone else may like to take care of the details. They are a bit hard to make room for someone else and are reluctant to recognize when they are wrong. Leo is incredibly generous with everything, love, money, knowledge or time provided that the lion may be the midpoint. Leo's favorite expression is "It's like I've decided."

Leo is sexy, funny and passionate with a tremendous appetite for life, they love the glitz and foes, eat out, have fun and shop provided the lion has money to spend or they will easily frustrated with everything they want to buy but can not afford. Leo selected can expect boundless with love and affection. Leo is faithful and almost overwhelming in their affection and they expect the partner to assess and provide the lion all his heart.

Suitable careers: All line management, for example. PR man, theater director, producer, or any related to jewelry making, for example. goldsmith.

Sensitive body part: Back.

Leos good qualities

Noble and Generous
Creative and enthusiastic
Charming and outgoing
A faithful and loving partner
Strong-willed and have ambition
Posetiv and broadminded

Leos less good qualities

Fixated on their views
Can be arrogant and conceited
Always want to fix and at the center
Can be jealous and demanding
Need constant admiration, attention and flattery
Can be condescending and unlocked
Power-hungry and egotistical

Zodiacal sign Leo

Where the sky is Leo

Do you know which stars make up the zodiacal sign of Leo? The marker on the map below shows the center of the sun sign. Navigate your way around the night sky and see the star constellation of Leo. You can zoom and pan using the controls on the left.

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