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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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From 23/9 to 22/10.

LibraLibra is a charming companion who loves to meet new people. The Libra is simply the special list of socializing with others. Much because it gives the wave of knowledge and experience which the wave thirsts for, this may occur in any expression of the Libra (when they do not get along with others) devours books or movies. Libra loves love and togetherness are important for the Libra and without a partner or friends around them feel the wave half and incomplete. The Libra is therefore a lot of effort and energy to organize the equilibrium in the environment, they hate arguments and is very diplomatic and excellent mediators in different situations. They would like to make amends and resolve conflicts.

Libra's strong desire to compromise and satisfy ambient desires can make it difficult to know what the wave itself to view. Libra's desire to be liked may result in that they are happy to spend themselves with little white lies to avoid contradictions. Or they may develop a manipulative side that allows them to get things their way without the other even notice that they had been manipulated. Despite his conciliatory nature, the Libra tend to be really touchy sometimes makes the actual starts a fight, despite all good intentions.

Libra social needs could make them prone to non-independent and have difficulty making decisions. The Libra can be extremely difficult matter to choose and can hold and weigh the pros and cons of the infinite. Once the decision is made, it may be too late even if it probably was an unusually intelligent and good decisions.

The Libra is not practical and is totally uninterested in practical things. To fix an engine failure or add energy in other worldly things are really not the Libras melody. But do not worry, if anyone can help to carry bags or to deal with boring everyday chores, it's the Libra. The Libra is namely often both beautiful and contact candidates, making the Libra very attractive to the opposite sex to such a degree that they literally stand and jump up on getting help and please the charming Libra.

Libras are as I said, very loving and easy to love, before finding the right one, they can be really flirty and fickle in love. But when the Libra well promised anyone eternal fidelity to break it the promise in the first place but they will remain faithful to his partner in life forever, or until circumstances force them to act otherwise. The Libra is very romantic and is a sinner, and imaginative lover. Libra is fond of children and are happiest with a large family.

The best career choice: Anything that has the beauty and luxury to do, such as barbers, artists, jeweler, or occupations that require diplomacy, for example. lawyer, diplomat, a psychologist.

Libras good qualities

Diplomatic and peace-loving
Looking for harmony and balance
Sociable and charming person
Beauty-loving and very romantic
Loyal to his friends
Polite and good at listening

Libras less good qualities

Can be quite lazy
Often indecisive and changeable
Flirtatious, superficial and pleasure-seeking
Gullible and easily influenced

Zodiacal sign Libra

Where the sky is Libra

Do you know which stars make up the zodiacal sign of Libra? The marker on the map below shows the center of the sun sign. Navigate your way around the night sky and see the star constellation of Libra. You can zoom and pan using the controls on the left.

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