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On Friday, your imagination has no limits, but beware of hasty decisions. New Year's Eve will be a real rocket with stormy energies and an exciting resolution. On New Year's day shimmers loving vibrations and the winds of change will get you off the ground. Happy New Year! Read more

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From 21/3 to 19/4.

AriesAries is the first zodiac sign and represents the birth and is controlled by the planet Mars.
As the first sign the Aries reminds way much of the child, they are open, enthusiastic and individualistic, has a violent temper, but is not resentful. Aries has a strong-willed but this determination is not always stable, goals can change quickly. They are happiest when they lead. They are very innovative, and always has ideas about how things can be done better. Aries is restless, constantly running and get carried away often. They get bored if everyday life rolls on in the same style as it always made for rams need to change in order not to lose the glow. Challenges, competition, great things are in Aries flavor. They love to test their own abilities, fight and win, take chances, and daring. They make themselves happy to hold their own even if it would mean that the whole world against him. Aries rushes through all obstacles and rarely turns his head, to look backwards.

With Aries, everything quickly and enthusiastically, and they usually have a lot of projects going on, of course, is the actual leaders of these projects as they may have trouble seeing themselves in a subordinate position, and hate to come in second place. They want to be winners, preferably in several areas and they expect the results to be exactly as they expected because the rams like control.

On the positive side of the rams is that they have an ability to inspire others in their environment, they are incredibly active and take initiative to fun things, the negative is that they can behave intolerant and lack patience and they sometimes show disregard for others, often without intending to.

Aries's lively, generous, nature makes them very stimulating as a friend. They are passionate and have good sense of romance. But they are fickle and domineering so they can be difficult for deeper relationships.

Suitable careers: those that are challenging, for example. Doctors, military, racing driver, engineer, psychologist.

Sensitive body parts: head.

Ariess good qualities

Energetic and outgoing
Have no problem with showing affection
Effective both at work and home
Are courageous, outspoken and loves challenges
You never get bored with this person
Very passionate and sexy
Enthusiastic and confident
Are eager and enthusiastic

Ariess less good qualities

Insensitive and dominant
Have a tendency to be unfaithful
always put himself in the first place
Can promise a day and stay thin
Combative and selfish
No patience, easily bored
Foolhardy and reckless

Zodiacal sign Aries

Where the sky is Aries

Do you know which stars make up the zodiacal sign of Aries? The marker on the map below shows the center of the sun sign. Navigate your way around the night sky and see the star constellation of Aries. You can zoom and pan using the controls on the left.

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